Monday, October 26, 2009

Slow Ride MeetUp + Popped Beach Ride Fantasy

Thanks to a tweet by Daniel Perez (@highmoon and Slow Bike Miami ), I found a group ride to do! I've wanted to go to Shark Valley for awhile, so I am excited to do this.

In other news, I went down to Miami Beach (or is it up from Kendall?). Let's say OVER to Miami Beach to meet up with Vice Queen Maria and her friend Kim at Eden Roc and later the tiki bar at Carrabas (I think the hotel was Marriott?). I had never really parked in a Miami Beach lot and walked on the boardwalk, so I was surprised to discover that bicycles are NOT allowed on it! What?! There goes that fantasy! Where can I safely ride my bike on the beach?!!?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bikes & Friends

This afternoon, I rode my bike to my friend's shop here in Kendall. Katrina is a "green" artist and owns Eclectica , where she revamps found, donated and thrifted items into some cool stuff. I'll post photos of her freshly opened for the season store tomorrow, but the photo of her is on one of two vintage bikes we came across on our last trip to Flamingo Plaza in Hialeah. Both of us regret not buying either! The other one was a green Schwinn seen here .

Thinking about where to venture on my bike this weekend....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From here, to there.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning in South Miami (well, technically Coral Gables) near Whole Foods behind Sunset Place. I need to be there at 8 AM, which means fighting the crazy traffic going East on a workday morning.  This is the moment I wish I had experience taking a bus to the Metrorail with my bike so I could take a nice ride after I am done. Alas, I haven't done that yet and tomorrow is not the day to experiment.

To start a list of my bike ride goals, here we go:

  • Ride to South Miami using a combo of bike/bus/Metrorail
  • Ride along Cutler Bay Road
  • Ride to Downtown Miami using combo of bike/bus/Metrorail
  • Ride across the Venetian Causeway and do the beach thing.
  • Ride combo of bike/Metrorail/TriRail to Delray Beach and ride around town for the day, see my friends, ride back.
It's good to have goals, yes?

Rain, Rain

Ironic that I started this blog and the next day it rained and I wimped out and drove the car. I am not a fancy enough rider to have rain gear. Plus, no fender.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Ride Regular

Hello there! I ride my bike in Miami Kendall, Florida. I am trying to expand my riding into my Miami proper, including the beaches and downtown. Just for the fun of it and to get somewhere.

 I don't ride a fancy bike --  I couldn't even tell you the brand or model right now without going out and looking at it. The bike is just a regular commuter type i've had for several years. I have a straw basket. I don't wear bike shorts or cycling jerseys emblazoned with team names, races and sponsors. I just wear whatever. If I am on the way to the gym, I wear my gym clothes. Otherwise, whatever works.

I am using this blog to journal my resolve to ride my bike more often and to more places. And still be a regular rider.